Keeping Your Home

NeighborWorks Alaska has joined the Homeownership Preservation Foundation in a national campaign in an effort to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure.  According to recent studies more than half of homeowners facing foreclosure do not call for help when they begin to fall behind on their payments.  It is crucial to call for help as soon as you have fallen behind on your payments or if you think you are going to fall behind.

The first line of defense for homeowners facing foreclosure is to contact a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-certified counseling agency, such as:

By contacting one of these agencies, you can receive foreclosure prevention counseling.  

After contacting a counselor, you should immediately contact your lender.  Many homeowners hesitate to call their lender because of embarrassment, fear, or lack of trust.  Working with a counselor may help alleviate this anxiety because a counselor has the ability to serve as a mediator between you and the lender.  With the help of a counselor a homeowner can work with his or her lender to develop a reasonable plan that will offer temporary relief to the homeowner.  More often than not, a lender is willing to work with the homeowner to develop a plan of action designed to put you back on the financial road to recovery.

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