Staff and Board Members

Name Title Phone Email
Front Desk Receptionist (907) 677-8490 [email protected]
Laura Cox-Wilson Grant Program Manager (907) 677-8472 [email protected]
Tim Geraty Deputy Executive Director (907) 677-8438 [email protected]
Lindsey Hajduk Director of Community Development (907) 677-8443 [email protected]
Aletha Harrington Services Expansion Coordinator (907) 677-8414 [email protected]
Cindy Ivanoff Senior Property Manager (907) 677-8425 [email protected]
Doug Lamkin Director of Facilities (907) 677-8409 [email protected]
Jim MacKenzie Director of Operations (907) 677-8434 [email protected]
Lori Nealley Director of Affordable Housing (907) 677-8424 [email protected]
Jim Nordlund Executive Director (907) 677-8415 [email protected]
Erik Ohm Grounds Operation Manager (907) 677-8408 [email protected]
Erica Otten Director of Finance (907) 677-8463 [email protected]
Suzanne "Sue" Marie Perrins Director of Lending and Homeownership Lic. No. 270830 (907) 677-8403 [email protected]
Mary Pflughoft HomeOwnership Specialist (907) 677-8405 [email protected]
Lynette Schroeder Director of Human Resources (907) 677-8417 [email protected]
Scott Siebert Director of Real Estate Development (907) 677-8445 [email protected]


Board of Directors

Name Title
Leslie Need President
Stephanie Kesler Vice President
Syl Fowlis Treasurer
Deborah Bonito Secretary
Lizz Barr Member
Anna Brawley Member
Michael Fredericks Member
Bill Gee Member
Tasha Hotch Member
Tony Piper Member
Kathleen Plunkett Member
Russell Pressley Member
Bill Simpson Past President
Sue Wolfe Member