NeighborWorks Alaska is your smartest path to homeownership throughout Alaska. We offer a menu of services for low- and medium-income households.  We have a proud 35 plus year history of providing a firm foundation for families and individuals to promote a promise for a brighter future and a place to call home. We believe that homeownership provides social and societal benefits. Not only is homeownership one of the best ways to build long-term wealth, but it also fosters an immeasurable sense of community and stability vital to growing families.

Home Loans                     

We help make homeownership possible and better by providing down-payment assistance loans, home improvement, home renovation, and other loan products to homeowners.

Supportive Grants           Supportive Grants Learn More

The Home Modification & Accessibility Grant Program is designed to provide housing accessibility modifications for eligible applicants with disabilities or special needs that will extend their ability to live independently in the community, other grants may also become available.

Counseling & Education  Counseling & Education

In collaboration with eHome-America, We provide free as well as subsidized homeowners counseling and education, we will arm you with the resources and knowledge to make informed, unbiased decisions.