Forest Park Optional Relocation Program

In 2018, The Forest Park Mobile Home Park water distribution system was negatively impacted by the Cook Inlet Earthquake. The Forest Park Optional Relocation Program (ORP) is offering federal assistance to assist tenants no longer able to maintain their current living situation due to the lack of running water and sewer service hook-ups.

This program provides eligible households with supportive services and up to two years of rental assistance at a qualified rental unit in or around the Anchorage area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the Forest Park Optional Relocation Program (ORP)?
Tenants currently residing at Forest Park Mobile Home Park (through a documented lease arrangement) and impacted by November 30,2018 earthquake. Former tenants who moved due to termination of lease period, or if evicted for reasons not related to the water and/or Cook Inlet earthquake related damages, do not qualify for assistance. Tenants in a transitional housing situation who were displaced by the conditions at Forest Park may qualify for assistance. Contact the NeighborWorks Alaska Program Coordinator for questions regarding program eligibility.

If I or someone in my family is not a US Citizen, can we still receive assistance?
U.S. citizenship is not a program requirement.

What is the maximum amount of assistance I can get?
Program limit per household is up to $50,000 and 24 months based on needs of each household. Separate moving expense payment is included in maximum assistance amount.

Will you pay for a security deposit or first and last month rent for a rental?
Yes, expenses associated with new leases can be coordinated as three (3) months of the up to (24) months in rent subsidy. Lease signing required before funds made available.

Do you offer mortgage assistance?
Housing counseling services to purchase a new home are available through your case managers. Purchasing a home (instead of renting) is an option for households that qualify. Once you apply, and are determined eligible for FOREST PARK ORP, your case manager will discuss possible options to convert rental assistance payments to a down payment on a new home.

How do I apply?
Applications will be available online or in-person.

What if I don’t have an email account?
FOREST PARK ORP will assist with an in-person
application session. Contact 907.677.8472 to schedule.

What if the Applicant is not fluent in English?
Language translation services are available.

Will I have a personal representative to work with on my application?
Yes. Applicants are assigned to a case manager to assist with application, and relocation or home purchase process.

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