Community Development

Community development is the process of bringing residents together to generate solutions and take collective actions to build stronger and more resilient communities.

NeighborWorks® Alaska works with local community members and partner organizations to design, implement, and sustain projects that benefit the community and our residents. We work carefully to create programs based on community-identified needs aimed at helping people create safe, healthy, and strong neighborhoods for their families and neighbors.

We strengthen low-income neighborhoods, communities, and populations by encouraging investments, building relationships, and organizing resources for the benefit of the community. We advocate for more connected and safer neighborhoods, promoting health and food security, support equitable access to affordable housing, advocate for justice reform, and encourage placemaking and connection. We support efforts in Bethel for safe access to piped water, and we also sponsor the Anchorage Reentry Coalition and Anchor Gardens. Our program supports:


Empowering Community Leaders

Our resident-driven approaches strengthen relationships among neighbors and catalyze positive community change. One example is through participating in NeighborWorks America’s Community Leadership Institute training and action planning network.

Strengthening Food Security

NeighborWorks Alaska is committed to promoting food security by teaching youth early in school gardening programs. We do this through supporting the new Anchor Gardens initiative.


Supporting Residents

A key to vibrant communities are active and sustainable resident-led groups within our properties and between neighbors. One way we do this is through our Community Impact Measurement survey initiative in Russian Jack that involves residents in identifying needs and determining actions within the neighborhood.


Providing Technical Assistance

NeighborWorks Alaska has been expanding our footprint to support safe and affordable housing initiatives across Alaska. We’re currently working with partners in Bethel to make piped water and sewer feasible in a new subdivision.


Policy & Advocacy

 NeighborWorks Alaska advocates for policies that affect housing and community development. We also support and are part of the Anchorage Reentry Coalition, working to ensure every returning citizen has the opportunity to successfully reintegrate into the community.