Rental Guide

NeighborWorks® Alaska operates in accordance with the State of Alaska Landlord-Tenant Act and Federal Fair Housing rules and regulations. The State of Alaska has a page summarizing resident and landlord rights and responsibilities.

Our resident managers receive regular training and updates on all aspects of the Landlord-Tenant Act, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

3 important things to remember when renting 

  1. Pay the rent in full and on time. Late rent can result in additional fees, and non-payment of rent may result in an eviction, in which you will be responsible for the court costs and may limit your rental options in the future.
  2. Respect your neighbors, the property and the people that work there. It is your responsibility to follow house rules and maintain a clean and safe home.
  3. Report any and all concerns or damages to the property manager